Campfire Rose
Campfire Rose
Campfire Rose

Campfire -
The Rose And The Artist (Tom Thomson)

The 'Campfire' rose was named to honour a painting by the famous Canadian artist Thomas John "Tom" Thomson (August 5, 1877 - July 8, 1917). The painting, called Campfire, shows a fire burning in front of a tent lit inside by a brilliant yellow light. It is a masterpiece of design and colour. The rose 'Campfire' is afire with the same smouldering blend of yellows and reds.

'Campfire' has been tested across Canada and has been found to be exceptionally hardy. It is rated as a Zone 3 plant, meaning it can take temperatures of -35 to -40C with very little damage.

The branching on this plant is at 45 degrees, giving it both height and width. It covers ground quickly yet has enough height to be used as a high ground cover or low shrub. The stems are smooth with only the occasional short thorns, making it easy to work with.

The foliage of this lovely rose is a deep glossy green with delicate red edging and reddish petioles, the structures that attach the leaves to the stems. It is among the most disease resistant of any hardy rose, giving a bright, fresh, rich look to the plant all season.

Displayed on this beautiful backdrop are the flowers, and what flowers! The blossoms, containing 20 petals, begin as shapely buds with yellow and red tones. The flowers open yellow, edged in a deep rosy pink. Some flowers in the early season will be nearly all yellow, gradually developing pink edging. As the season progresses the pink edging becomes more prominent. The total effect is absolutely stunning and unlike any other rose, a harlequin among hardy roses.

'Campfire' is a true continuous bloomer. Once blossoming commences in early summer there are flowers on the bush till hard frost. Even very late in the season the plant is completely covered in new blooms. Very few roses can boast such prodigious production and almost no hardy roses have that kind of impact. This promises to be one of the most important rose introductions in the long history of Canadian rose breeding.