Bill Reid Rose

Bill Reid, a Rose for the 21st Century

New for 2012, from the Canadian breeding work of Dr. Campbell Davidson, and selected by Canadian rose industry specialists, is the Bill Reid rose. 21st Century roses like Bill Reid take very little effort to grow and produce flowers over and over throughout the summer. The flower colour doesn't fade and the leaves stay healthy. This rose will fit right in with the other flowers and shrubs in your garden or landscape and is small enough to go into patio or balcony pots.

Bill Reid rose maintains its vibrant yellow blooms, even in the height of the summer sun. Hardy to Zone 3, this rose takes the cold and is disease resistant. Like many fondly remembered roses, it is fragrant. The scent is citrusy with vanilla notes. Bill Reid rose grows 90cm (35") high and 70cm (28") wide with a bushy habit. The flowers are larger and more abundant than the Morden Sunrise rose and will keep blooming from June to September.

Bill Reid rose is the third in the series of Canadian Artists® Roses, joining Emily Carr and Felix Leclerc. One of Canada's foremost artists, Haida artist Bill Reid (1920-1998), was an outstanding gold and silversmith turned sculptor. He was proclaimed a National Living Treasure and was instrumental in inspiring people to reclaim their cultural heritage.

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Bill Reid rose is protected by Canadian Plant Breeders' Rights and US Plant Patent.

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