Bill Reid Rose

Primp Your Yard

Does your yard need a lift? Would you like a more welcoming look for your entrance? Has your landscaping devolved into dullness?

Brighten things up simply and easily by planting the new Bill Reid rose. This is a healthy variety, so you probably won't need to do anything besides planting and watering. It's a tough rose with non-fading yellow blooms that are real crowd pleasers. The four-inch (10 cm) wide flowers appear in June and repeat throughout the summer. This rose gives off a pleasant vanilla/citrusy scent.

Bill Reid rose fits into any three feet (90 cm) wide spot with six hours or more of sun, well-drained soil and open air circulation. Like with all roses, avoid planting on the inside corner of a building or fence to discourage diseases.

The bushy shape of Bill Reid rose gets as high as three feet (90 cm) and 2.5 feet (70 cm) wide. It can be used as a stand-alone, as a complement to yellow-variegated plants such as gold-leaved Euonymus or Hosta varieties, or in contrast to dark-leaved plants like Japanese barberry, yew, and larger coral bells. Try some on the sunny side of a cedar hedge, near purple leaf ninebark or as replacements for some fussier roses. As an added touch to your yard, this rose will make you smile.

How to

Find out Where to Buy your Bill Reid rose. Keep the plant at room temperature and plant within a week of purchasing. Plant it in the centre of a pot of 50 cm or larger diameter, at the same depth as it was growing when you bought it. Place the pot where it will get at least 6 hours of sun per day, with some air circulation on three sides. A corner is not recommended. Fill the rest of the container with annuals, perennials or herbs. Give the container about 4 litres of water and a light application of fertilizer (organic or otherwise). Water again every 3-4 days for the first month, if there hasn't been any rain. After that, water once a week. The only pruning you need to do is to remove branches that die, get diseased or just in your way. Don't remove more than one-third of the branches at one time.

Bill Reid rose is the third in the series of Canadian Artists® Roses, joining Emily Carr and Felix Leclerc. One of Canada's foremost artists, Haida artist Bill Reid (1920-1998), was an outstanding gold and silversmith turned sculptor. He was proclaimed a National Living Treasure and was instrumental in inspiring people to reclaim their cultural heritage.

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