What To Look For When Buying Canadian Artists Roses

The Canadian Artists Roses are available at most major retail nurseries and garden centres across Canada. Below you will find the tags to look for as well as growing habits of each variety.

Bill Reid Rose Tag Campfire Rose Tag Emily Carr Rose Tag Felix Leclerc Rose Tag
Bill Reid Rose
Height: 90 cm (35")
Width: 70 cm (28")
Flower colour: Yellow
Hardy to zone 3
This disease resistant, repeat bloomer maintains its vibrant colour even in heat.
Citrusy fragrance with a hint of vanilla and a bushy habit.
Campfire Rose
Height: 75 cm (30")
Width: 115 cm (46")
Unique tri-colour combination. Continuous bloomer.
Hardy in zones 3 to 7
Excellent disease resistance
Emily Carr Rose
Height: 1 m
Width: 1.5 m
Flower size: 7 cm
Flower Colour: Red
Hardy in zone 3 to 6
This upright shrub covers itself in clusters of large, deep red bloms all season.
With its rich flower colour, disease resistant foliage and cold hardiness.
Felix Leclerc Rose
Height: 1 m
Width: 1.5 m
Flower size: 7 cm
Flower Colour: Pink
Hardy in zone 3 to 8
Performs as a climber in milder regions and as a shrub rose in cooler regions.
Clusters of rich pink blooms cover the plant all season long.
Strong growth, disease resistant foliage and rich flower colour.